nScreenAds is a Connected TV & OTT (Over-the-Top) advertising platform built by a team of skilled advertising technologists with years of knowledge and experience building and scaling platforms. Connected TV can be defined as any type of internet-enabled TV screen that can stream digital content, while OTT refers to "cut the cord" devices that that accessing TV content without going through a traditional cable or satellite set-top box.  Our purpose is reducing the complexities around buying and selling video advertising on Connected TV & OTT devices programmatically.

Empowering brands through the use of data to efficiently reach users on Connected TV & OTT devices (Roku TV, Apple TV, Opera TV, Andriod TV, and Amazon Fire TV) with branded messaging is at the core of our business. Through unique relationships, integrations, and advanced technologies, brands have immediate access to reach premium, brand-safe, professionally produced, 100% viewable inventory at scale. 


Programmatic Media Buying


Connected TV & OTT devices deliver a TV-like experience for video advertisers. Our Connected TV & OTT advertising platform enables access to our Unreel.me O&O inventory (www.Unreel.me/discover) along with the world's leading content publishers, open and private advertising exchanges.

Use nScreenAds advance targeting features to identify users through the criteria of your preference and hundreds of different data points collected and organized by our private bidder.  Our audience segment targeting capabilities allow for 1st-party data to be layered on-top of any advertising campaign for better targeting results.

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Leadership Team


The nScreenAds team include industry-leading experts in advertising technology. We have diverse talents and share a universal goal to simplify the advertising buying process.



Dan Goikhman


Krish Arvapally



Lawrence LeSure


Venkat Arvapally



nScreenAds is based in Los Angeles, with teams in New York City, Houston, and South Plainfield, NJ.

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